Bruegger Invest Limited, established in November 1997 in London, is an investment management firm authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom (FCA).


We seek consistent total return from a diversified portfolio of opportunities for profits over the long term. We invest in stocks, bonds and other assets. All our investments are based on in-house research and our investment competence.


We offer the following bespoke portfolios:


  • Global long or long/short equity investment strategies measured against the MSCI All Country World Index;
  • Developed world long or long/short investment strategies measured against the MSCI World Index;
  • Emerging markets investment strategies targeting absolute returns in excess of the underlying equity market indices;
  • Global investment strategy where we allocate between geographies, long only equities, long/short equities, bonds, cash and other assets, depending on our view of the markets. The target rate of return on capital is 10% and higher. Moderately complex portfolio construction that may include futures and other derivative instruments.


All our investment strategies are available in the form of separate managed accounts or as investment funds.


For more information, please please email us, call +44 20 7493 8366 or click on the Learn More button and use the form provided.