Absolute Return | Above MSCI World Index | Achieved with less Risk

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AvantGarde at a glance

AvantGarde seeks absolute returns in excess of the MSCI developed world index, achieved with less risk.

AvantGarde produced gross returns of 54.80% since inception in 2020 (28 January 2021, reference portfolio, USD). This marks an excess return of 39.87% over the developed workd index, the MSCI World. and 37.58% over the S&P 500.

AvantGarde invests in a well diversified portfolio of opportunities for profit in developed world companies. AvantGarde holds approximately 25 equity positions in companies located in the US, European Union, Switzerland and Japan.

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Excess returns

AvantGarde excess return stand at 39.87% and 37.18% over MSCI World and S&P 500 Indices at the end of January 2021.

The Iceberg Monetary Theory provides the framework to identify opportunities for profits that exceed market averages. If risks outweigh opportunity, the opportunity may be in preserving capital.