Absolute Return | Above MSCI World Index | Achieved with less Risk

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AvantGarde at a glance

AvantGarde seeks absolute returns in excess of the MSCI World index, achieved with less risk.

AvantGarde produced gross returns of 61.37% as of 31 March 2021 since inception in January 2020 (reference portfolio, USD).

AvantGarde invests in a well diversified portfolio of shares in companies that offer substantial opportunity to capture gains. Such opportunities may be identified in long or in short equity positons. AvantGarde holds approximately 25 to 35 positions in companies primarily located in the US, Europe and Far East.

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Excess returns

AvantGarde excess return stand at 42.15% and 38.40% over MSCI World and S&P 500 indices as per 31 March 2021.

AvantGarde seeks positive return, in excess of the underlying equyity market index, the MSCI World, over the long term. The primary object is capital preservation, the secondary capital gain and the tertiary maximising capital gain.