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Generating superior investment return.

Bruegger Invest is a qualitative investment manager that uses observation, inference and prediction to invest in global financial markets.

We use price prediction with the objective of generating above-market return, achieved with less risk, over the long-term in all market conditions.

Bruegger combines price prediction and investment expertise to build market-beating equity portfolios.

Bruegger Universal Macro, available since 2020 in managed accounts, has far exceeded comparable returns of MSCI World Index ETF trackers.

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Predicting prices.

Understanding price formation in financial markets.

We collect and process data ranging from asset prices, auctions and currency exchange rates to income distribution, anything that might help us to predict prices.

Qualitative & quantitative observations and inferences help us to figure out how price formations in financial markets work. From our insight and understanding of past and present prices we predict the direction of long term interest rates and equity valuations among other prices.

Predicting prices forms the basis of our asset allocation. For stock selection, we rely on our investment competence.


Investment competence.

At the forefront of wealth creation

Bruegger has been in the research, development and management of alternative investment strategies since its establishment in 1997 in London as an FCA authorised investment management firm.

We formulated his own modern money theory in our quest to understand the instabilities encountered in financial markets throughout the last thirty years in financial markets and to develop a framework to invest more safely and profitably.

We follow a clear goal hierarchy. Our first job is to preserve capital. The secondary aim is to match market performance. Our tertiary goal is to achieve excess return over market with less risk.


Making informed investment decisions.


Urs Bruegger | 28 September 2021 |
Shouldn't we fear depression more than inflation?

An increasingly dysfunctional world where consumer prices remain elevated and depressionary forces as powerful as ever after 2008.

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Urs Bruegger

Note from the CEO.

Urs Bruegger | Bruegger Invest Limited

We have applied price prediction successfully to managing money since 2014. We measure success

Being able to foresee future prices is more important than

While the going is good, excess return rests solely on stock selection. We put investors monies where we identify opportunities for profits. We risk-diversify among opportunities for profits, unlike traditional models that use rigid sector and geographical diversification models.

We have all the tools at hand to achieve positive above-market return in all conditions. Anticipating prices, positioning ourselves accordingly, wiht the aim of investing more safely and profitably is our edge.

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