Belon Money Theory

Understanding modern money

Belon Money Theory

Continuity through time


The Belon Money Theory is our modern money theory developed from the quantity theory of money, the theory that prices follow supply.

The Belon Money Theory explains the complex practices through which money is created in the modern global money system.

Modern money is an innovation of the 20th century. The modern money system has come to supply the world with liquidity.

Global liqudity condition reflects in asset prices, the economy and in politics. Prices follow global liquidity.

Trinum Strategy

Positive return greater than the MSCI World index

Investment strategy

Ultimate goals hierarchy


The primary objective of the Trinum Strategy is capital preservation. The secondary aim is a return on investment. The third goal is maximising gains.

To meet the ultimate goals hierarchy, the Trinum Strategy uses monetary research for asset allocation and fundamental research for stock selection.

It is our belief that a strategy seeking excess return over the market from stock selection and protecting and enhancing return under an optimal asset allocation model has a higher probability to meet the ultimate goals hierarchy than quantitative strategies that in praxis prove often more prone to market events.

Belon Trinum Strategies Fund

Capital preservation | Return on investment | Maximising gains

Liechtenstein SICAV AIF

Alternative investment fund with daily dealings

The Belon Trinum Strategies Fund is an investment company with variable capital (SICAV) pursuant to Liechtenstein law managed by Bruegger Invest Limited.

The Belon Trinum Strategies Fund is targeting annual positive return greater than the MSCI World Index from investing in companies of the developed world.

The Belon Trinum Strategies Fund seeks an optimal allocation to equities, government bonds, cash and near cash instruments.

The Belon Trinum Strategies Fund is an alternative investment fund under the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD). Shares are available to professional investors in US currency for purchase and redemption on any Liechtenstein business day.

Bruegger Invest Limited

Monetary science | Political research | Alternative investments

Our mission

Invest safely and profitably in global financial markets

Bruegger Invest Limited ist an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) established in London on 11 November 1997.

Our mission is to invest safely and profitably in global financial markets in all conditions.

We study money and politics to understand financial markets. We monitor global liquidity condition to find the optimal asset allocation. We use fundamental analysis to build and run portfolios that performs.

Our portfolio management team has been working together for more than a decade to produce the best possible return with the least possible risk for our investors.

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