Bruegger Invest Limited manages long/short equity investment strategies built on the Iceberg Monetary Theory.


The Iceberg Monetary Theory is based on and developed from the quantity theory of money and its premise that money supply and price levels are in direct proportion to each other. The Iceberg Monetary Theory explains current price levels and allows to glimpse future prices by concerning itself with the global order on the dollar, what money is, how it works and where & when it travels.


From our understanding of the global economy and financial markets, we have built a distinct track record of delivering absolute returns, above benchmark, achieved with less risk, over many years.

THE iceberg monetary theory


The Iceberg Monetary Theory is a monetary theory formulated by Urs Bruegger.


The Iceberg Monetary Theory looks at the global monetary system that has evolved from a single system on the US dollar into a dualistic dollar system. The dualistic system is comparable to the structure of an iceberg, the tip the US dollar and the bottom, hidden from view under water, the money created by the economy.


In the dualistic system, instabilities have become the norm. The sharper and more permanent, the stronger and longer the gravitational pull acts on currencies, interest rates, equities, commodities, on the economies as on income distribution.


The Iceberg Monetary Theory provides a framework from which to locate superior investment opportunities for profit.