Bruegger Shares Ltd is a global macro fund built on the Iceberg Monetary Theory, managed by Bruegger Invest Limited in London.


Bruegger Shares Ltd aims to achieve a positive absolute rate of return, above benchmark, the MSCI All Country World Index (MSCI ACWI), achieve with less risk.


THE iceberg monetary theory


The Iceberg Monetary Theory is a monetary theory formulated by Urs Bruegger.


The Iceberg Monetary Theory looks at the global monetary system on the dollar that has evolved from one once entirely controlled by the US authorities into one where large non-US banks provide much of the global dollar liquidity. The system is comparable to the structure of an iceberg, the tip the US dollar and the bottom, hidden from view under water, the global dollar liquidity provided by banks.


In the modern monetary system, instabilities have become the norm. The sharper and more permanent, the stronger and longer the gravitational pull is on currencies, commodities, interest rates, equity prices, corporate profitability, on the economies as on income distribution.


Reading the world, applying its true workings to praxis forms the basis of the Bruegger Invest investment decision process.